PALCI Councils, Committees, and Working Groups

PALCI Members participate on a number of committees, working groups and task forces, including:

PALCI Collections Advisory Council (CoACT)

The PALCI Collections Advisory Council first met in April 2017 and is tasked with leading PALCI’s strategic approach to building collections and access across formats in support of Member Institutions’ learning and research priorities. Leveraging our previous successes and economy of scale, the Council will identify key collection development and management issues the PALCI community should address with the overall goal of creating a core collection for the broad PALCI community. The Council will recommend appropriate strategies and/or working groups to address those priorities. 

Current Members include: Angela Carreno, Chair (NYU), Amy McColl, Vice Chair (Swarthmore), Charlotte Droll (Bloomsburg), Jeremy Garskof (Gettysburg), Dick Griscom (Penn), Terese Heidenwolf (Lafayette), Dan Heuer (Bucknell), Rick Holmgren (Allegheny), Erika Linke (Carnegie Mellon), Gracemary Smulewitz (Rutgers) 

E-ZBorrow Advisory Council

The PALCI E-ZBorrow Advisory Council is charged to:

  • Serve as the coordinating group for consideration and discussion of E-ZBorrow topics and issues
  • Identify potential service and system enhancements to maximize access to member collections 
  • Organize and facilitate meetings of the Members on this topic
  • Advise staff on support/system issues and solutions
  • Share best practices information among Members
  • Solicit ideas and input from Members
  • Create an annual plan outlining new activities/projects to be undertaken and address  the sustainability of existing projects
  • Recommend new projects, funding requirements, and policies to the Board for approval
  • Review annually and recommend refinements to the E-ZBorrow Policies
  • Report to the Board and Members regularly
Current Members include: Andy Toulas, Chair (The New School), Amy Lee Heinlen, Past Chair (Duquesne), Beth Farabaugh (IUP), Kenneth Fisher (Drexel), Freya Gibbon (Dickinson), Krista Higham (Millersville), Justin Hill (Temple), Meg Massey (Penn State), Kate Wenger (Chatham), Andrea Schwartz (Bloomsburg), Peter Collins, Ex-Officio (Penn)

Working Groups

Working groups are created to support time-limited projects and strategic PALCI initiatives. Active working groups include:

PALCI eBooks Strategy Working Group 

Current members include: Angela Carreno, Convener (NYU), Tracie Ballock (Duquesne), Jeremy Garskof (Gettysburg), Terese Heidenwolf (Lafayette), Bill Maltarich (NYU), Amy McColl (Swarthmore), Roxanne Peck/Jaime Jamison (Penn State), Gracemary Smulewitz (Rutgers), Marianne Watson (Villanova)

PALCI Collective Retrospective Collections Working Group (Retro)

Current members include: Amy McColl, Convener (Swarthmore), Gitte Burris (Penn), Angela Carreno (NYU), Dan Heuer (Bucknell), Julia Proctor (Penn State), Brian Schoolar (Temple) 

PALCI Working Group on the Future of Resource Delivery (R&D)

Current members include: Scott Anderson (Millersville), Hilary Fredette (WVU), Justin Hill (Temple), Dan Huang (Lehigh), Allen Jones (The New School), Dave Lacy (Temple), Andy Toulas (The New School) 

Former PALCI Committees and Working Groups

  • PALCI eBooks Task Force
  • PALCI Distributed Print Archive (PDPA) Steering Committee 
  • PDPA Reference Sets Working Group
  • PDPA Serials Working Group
  • PALCI Technology Task Force