Membership Criteria

PALCI’s primary mission is to spur the development of library cooperation within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the neighboring region. To do so, the PALCI Consortium:

☙ Coordinates resource-sharing through services such as E-ZBorrow and RapidILL

☙ Fosters a program of free reciprocal on-site borrowing among member libraries

☙ Provides opportunities for cooperative purchasing of electronic resources from major vendors, such as Gale, ProQuest, Wiley, and many scholarly societies

☙ Leverages economy of scale to expand access to shared eBook collections through consortial DDA, EBA, subscription and bulk purchasing programs.

☙ Collaborates on collection development and management initiatives, such as shared print archives, remote storage, digital collections, and disaster planning and preparedness

☙ Facilitates sharing with and learning from professional colleagues throughout the region, nationally, and internationally

PALCI Members are defined in Section 4.1 of the Bylaws as the libraries of not-for-profit, accredited, academic degree-granting institutions and other research libraries in Pennsylvania and contiguous states that are able to contribute resources from their library’s collections that are of interest and value to the membership.

To be considered for PALCI Membership, a library will commit to:

☙ Participating as much as possible in all PALCI programs including resource-sharing, cooperative purchasing, and collaborative collections programs involving multiple levels of staff within the library 

☙ Having appropriate and adequate staffing and budgets to support active participation in the Consortium 

☙ Attending Member Meetings and other PALCI events 

☙ Participating actively in PALCI governance and committee work 

☙ Supporting and advocating publicly for the PALCI Consortium and its Members 

Note: Current members are grandfathered in on these new membership criteria.