Membership Process

The PALCI Executive Director is the contact for detailed information about membership and services.

This process will be followed for all institutions applying for membership: 

 The institution's representative/director completes the application and submits it to the PALCI Membership Committee through the Executive Director.

 The Committee meets via conference call to review the application.

 If the Committee has questions, the Executive Director will set up a conference call with the institution's representative/director and the chair or a member of the Membership Committee to obtain answers.

 The Membership Committee will solicit feedback from current members on new member applications. Applications will be posted on the members-only website.

 The Membership Committee will make a recommendation to the PALCI Board.

 The Board will review and vote on the recommendation within 90 days of the application receipt.

 The President of the Board or Executive Director will communicate the decision to the institutional representative/director.


We invite you to download and review the application for PALCI membership.