The Value of Membership

The Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. — better known as PALCI — formed in 1996 as a grassroots federation of 35 academic libraries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Today, the PALCI Membership consists of 70 academic and research libraries, private and public, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia. Member institutions range from small liberal arts colleges to publicly funded universities to ARL institutions and the State Library of Pennsylvania. Libraries in PALCI have holdings in excess of 36 million volumes and a combined FTE of over 550,000 students and faculty.

  Resource Sharing 

E-ZBorrow -- Serving over 550,000 students and faculty with 3-4 day delivery of books among 53 libraries

☙ Well known library service brand among faculty and students

☙ At a remarkably low cost

☙ 4 states

☙ 150,000 books delivered annually

RapidILL Pod for fast article delivery to the desktop

☙ 150,000 articles and book chapters delivered within 24hrs in FY 2015/16

Reciprocal onsite library use and borrowing privileges for faculty, students, and staff of participating libraries

Leadership of development of the new Project ReShare Community, building a community-owned resource sharing platform.


  Collective buying power for e-resources and ebooks

Over $4 million of eResources licensed as a group annually for ~25 subscriptions and other discount programs available to PALCI members

Over $1 milion in eBooks purchasing via a variety of business models

Established billing relationship for single source billing

Collections Advisory Council and an eBooks Strategy Working Group are addressing new initiatives and coordinating collections-focused activities



  Managing our collections together

PALCI Distributed Print Archive (PDPA) Program

The PDPA builds on work initiated in 2008 in which various PALCI members made commitments to retain selected print journal collections for the PALCI membership. The current goal of the program is to preserve, retain and enable access and delivery to a distributed print collection for the benefit of PALCI members, thereby allowing the de-accession of individual member print holdings, where possible. The PDPA is led by a Steering Committee and also has various project teams working on shared print for journals, reference sets, and other materials.



Participating actively in the...

☙ International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC)

☙ PA Forward

☙ PA Digital Library

☙ Interlibrary Delivery Service of Pennsylvania (IDS)

☙ Print Archives Network (PAN)


  Networking & Professional Development

☙ Professional Development and Networking

☙ Cutting-edge Programs and Member Meetings

☙ Advisory Councils/Committees/Task Forces

☙ Advice sharing and best practices

☙ Communications -- PALCI Up2Date, listservs, website, webinars



More information about PALCI membership and services is available by contacting Jill Morris (, PALCI Executive Director.